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Beautiful Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens in San Diego, California

Bengal cat Princess Zoey in the park

Welcome to Royal Bengals in San Diego, California

Royal Bengals is located in San Diego, California, and have been successfully breeding and raising Bengals cats and Bengal kittens of exceptional caliber out of our home since 2004. Please visit our Royal Bengals photo gallery to view how amazingly beautiful and interactive Bengals are. You will see bengal cats and kittens interact with people at home, at the park, at the beach, at TICA shows, and many other places! If you are looking to buy a Bengal kitten, please visit our kittens page. Bengal kittens in San Diego

If you are looking to adopt one of our retired Bengal cats or an olderBengal kitten, please send us an email for information on our current availability. Adopt a bengal cat in San Diego

What is a Bengal Cat?

The Bengal cat originated by breeding an Asian Leopard to a domestic cat. This breeding resulted in exotic cats that look like spectacular wild leopards. The Bengals long muscular body and incredible markings on a silky soft coat is a sight to see. It's like bringing a piece of the jungle into your home!As stunning as they are, Bengals have as much personality as they do beauty. They are highly intelligent and often behave similar to dogs. Our babies, Rocky and Zoey , learned how to sit on command, walk on a harness, and play fetch within a matter of days. They come running when called, will talk at length when excited or upset, and can turn anything in our San Diego home into a toy. Our Bengal cats have even learned to open doors and turn the lights on and off--I can assure you we did not teach them that! They are keen observers and excellent imitators! Bengal cats and Bengal kittens are not for everyone! If you're looking for a more solitary cat that will sit around the majority of the day, a Bengal is not for you.

Bengal male Sir Rocky in the park

Bengal cats are very social!

Though they will not necessarily tear around your house and climb your curtains, they are very active, curious, creative, and social. Bengals need a lot of interaction with their human family, and they typically do best in the company of others, whether it be their human family or another pet.

Bengals are more than just a cat

Bengals are very loyal and affectionate. Our royal bengal kittens sleep with us at night, and love to cuddle while watching TV. This "downtime," however, only occurs after their abundant energy has been exhausted. Once they've rested, they're usually up and in pursuit of those moving objects on the TV screen. Many Bengals love water and high places. And though they enjoy the company of others, they are very creative and can also entertain themselves, and you, for hours. Because of their playful nature, Bengals tend to make great companions for children. Living with a Bengal is like living with an exotic jungle cat, but with the sweet and loving disposition of a domestic cat. Although there are g eneral characteristics that most Bengals possess, each Bengal is unique and should be accepted for their individuality. Some will enjoy playing in water; another might prefer looking at the water from a distance. Some Bengals will walk on a leash, others will insist on walking you. Let your Bengal show you their specialty and you won't be disappointed!

Are you curious and want to know more about Bengals?? Please read our page about the bengal cat to find out about how bengals first originated and the different variations of bengal cats that exist today.

If you are looking at buying a bengal kitten, please read our mission statement and our Bengal kitten policy

This is important not only if you wish to get a bengal kitten from us, but also to educate yourself on what you should expect from a responsible bengal breeder. Link to bengal kitten policy

Bengal cat on a Cat tree Bengal cat taking a bath

Bengal cat having a day at the beach
Bengal cat next to a fountain

Bengal Cats and Bengal Kittens in San Diego, California

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